Handpainted Variegated Yarns Workshop Part 1

I can’t believe it has already been almost three weeks since Michele Wipplinger was here to teach our annual Earthues workshop at the farm. It was a fabulous week with a great group of dyers, some with experience, some with none, but all with a love for fiber and learning. In fact this group was so cohesive they will be back next year! Plans are to have 2 workshops back to back in August with Michele, the first filled; the second will be announced in the Spring, so mark your calendars and contact me if you are interested.
The course this year was learning to handpaint variegated yarns using Earthues natural dyes.
The first day was spent in lecture and discussion as Michele spoke about color and color theory, using many yarn and swatch examples to explain what creates a visually appealing skein.

Palette’s were individually chosen by each participant then extract solutions were created, then each student mixed their own colors based on their palette and the painting began.Days two and three were spent painting, steaming the skeins to set the dyes and overdyeing with indigo for some.

Everyone created beautifully dyed yarns and learned and understood the process perfectly.
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