Happy 2008 and more snow!

Happy New Year to all of you! We wish for your good health, love in your lives and comfort through your daily life.

We are here amidst yet another storm today, so far the snow stick is at 20″ from 15″ yesterday and it is snowing to beat the band!

Webster is grooving around the fire and has come to love chasing a piece of dental floss (clean, yes!) with a small knot at the end. Simple and very exciting! Shelley and Sidney are in heaven with the snow also.

We cleaned out the snow in the sheep area today to give them more loafing area…it had piled up the past 4 weeks, In fact We NH has now broken the all time snowfall record last met in 1876 with the total snowfall for December at 48″. How about that! Off for another snomobile ride and onto the mail trails today…bye!

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