have dyepots will travel

Through Vermont I traveled this morning
on long windy roads
and farmlands
past the ravage of Irene’s wrath.
new bridges reuniting towns
so torn apart
to arrive at a fiber oasis
in Proctorsville VT
with a few more than six loose ladies
and a few tricks from my wizard’s wand
I helped them conjure some
great naturally dyed colors
the results were stunning
a bright backdrop to what has been a very
difficult time in their region
it was fun, this is a good place to stop
Six Loose Ladies is open.
Vermont is going to be okay.
come visit.
on my descent into town I stopped to pay a hello to the lovely ladies
in waiting (heifers) at Windyhurst Farm
the farm owners happened to stop by, who I’m pretty darned fond of
and Roger asked
“haven’t you ever seen a cow before?”
with a big smile from him
and I said “yes, but none so pretty as these”
what a fine day for many good ladies
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