Hazel’s CVM/Romeldale lambs and a winner

Here is Hazel and her newborn lambs on Thursday. Hazel, being a first time mom did a perfect job! She lambed out within 15 minutes with no signs of distress and gave two adorable ewe lambs!

Hazel took to the task instantly and is very attentive to her young. Just the way a shepherd likes it. Both lambs are a bit smaller which is normal for a first time mom, both weighing in the 8# range.

The lambs are nursing and sleeping and doing all the attendant things lambs do. Eat, sleep, grow, eat, sleep, grow.

Betsy and I pulled a name out of the hat for the runner up prize and the winner is

Please get in touch with me, Connie, so I can arrange to send your fiber to you!

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