Her Piano

It arrived last night about 8PM in a mini-van with her Mom, two brothers and little sister. The black flies were thick at dusk, an unusually heavy air hung over the farm. We never have seen it so buggy here until this year. Is it due to the plight of the bat population? We think so.
Finally the mini-van heaved into view and all the siblings poured out along with a road weary Mom. The piano intact in the back.

We have a new farm hand, her name is Katie. Katie plays the piano. Our cottage has housed some wonderful tenants over the years; a professor, a raptor and sheep wrangler and detangler, a physical therapist, a psycholgist, a proficient hoola hoop-ist, a forester, two couples who started their families here, and now a pianist.

We are delighted to have Katie with us for as long as she stays. Today she helped us get in the first cut of hay, feeling strong and mighty! All of our farm helpers are students at Antioch and are here for a time while they work their way through school. Some stay longer than others but each and every one is special and unique. It is a opportunity for all of us.

And so today the lilting melodies from the piano wafted across the heavy breeze. The little cottage was filled with melody! The piano tuner arrives tomorrow but I have to say from outside in the dusk of this lovely spring evening the music was akin to the scent of the lilacs all around the farm. Intriguing and delightful.

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