Historical garment dyeing

One of my dye customers, Barb, sent these pictures showing how she uses natural dyes to create garments for her husband Marvin. He is involved in historical trekking which involves hunting, camping and hiking in pre-revolutionary era clothing and accouterments (flintlock guns, moccasins, etc). Every piece of clothing has to be correct for the period, such as a black walnut dyed linen hunting shirt. They cook and eat the game they hunt, cooking in the style for that period. Here Marvin is cooking squirrel for dinner. Marvin and Barb live in Western Montana and from their land they can hike into state and federal land where they feel like they are back in the late 1700’s. The second picture is Marvin showing off his breech cloth which Barb dyed in plum with indigo dyed stripes. The dog in the lower left is their Australian Shepherd who insisted on being in the photo!