We are having a nasty ice storm in NH. It’s pretty wide spread in the southern third of the state. Last night it poured buckets of rain that coated everything with an inch of ice. The power went out last night and we switched to generator power and expect to being this mode for another day anyway. The sheep are pretty cozy in their barn and were happy for a visit and feeding this AM. In the woods up behind us we could hear the big pines cracking as they fell to the ground.

I let the hens out this morning as it isn’t really cold….they scurried over to the shed and started instantly dusting in the dirt. Not fazed in the least by the state of affairs.

And Webster is keeping watch on the birds as they feed. He hunkers down beneath the window and thinks he’s being pretty crafty ducking as they fly by the window.

We are all safe. And presently in Keene to get some more bird seed, gasoline for the generator and a special request for danish for an elderly neighbor who is house bound. Then back to the hill to wait out the melting.

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