Today was another cranial day for me in the natural dye world. I am sorry not to have any pictures in the studio, too busy! We spent the entire day working with color palettes; and I specifically spent most of the afternoon creating my Munsell Student Color Set. What’s that, you ask? It is a set of cards that build a hue value/chroma chart. I had to set out color chips for 10 hues on cards using the Munsell chart. There is only one correct value/chroma placement on each hue card, each card having between 18-30 value/chromas. This really fined tuned my eye to the values of color, excellent exercise.

When we ended the studies today at 5PM, with Karen as our guide , three of us took to the Ballard streets and found our way to the Lockspot Cafe where the captains and crew of The Deadliest Catch are sometimes known to visit. Jack and I are fans of the Discovery Channel series which chronicles the on deck experiences of king and opilio crab fishing on the Bering Sea. During the winter season the ships work out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska but during the summer months many of the captains, crew members and the ships return to Seattle, Ballard specifically. We didn’t find any captains, but had a good sea fare dinner, bought some tee shirts and yes, I did the love-being-a-tourist picture!

Top to bottom: Karen; The Lockspot Cafe; silly me; view of Puget Sound
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