in the cover of darkness

Autumn as been short and lackluster in my corner of the world.
I suspect the too dry summer stressed the trees and when the time
came to say goodbye to their canopies, it was without a fight.
The leaves have drifted down, mostly yellow, ever as lovely,
on the forest walks,
 giving way to my favorite view.
I can see the flock in the near field now from the house.
And they can see the lights of home come nightfall.
Weather reports portend the end of the growing season
tomorrow night with a killing frost. I am behind on that count.
It can’t be! I looked at the thermometer in the kitchen window
tonight. It reads 34. Too close for discomfort.
Luna and I swung about the gardens to cover anything
I am not ready to part with yet.
The indigo won.
It will have a few days relief after
tomorrow night and we have work left to do
my indigo and I.


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