in the wee small hours

I have made it to Melbourne after 36 hours of slogging through terminals and checkpoints.
it is the 7th of March 6am.

Time is elusive and has been since departure from Boston.
It is far easier to just “be” where you are rather than trying
to figure where you’ve been.
Travelling teaches wisdom.

Contrary to TSA/Australian web info, my scissors,
which I brought for work while here,
were confiscated. They took a pair which were less than 4″ blades
and carefully stowed in my checked bags Thanks folks.
sign at Rose Street artist’s market
Laptop is not accepting any of my external devices.
can’t get wireless to work for the phone.
withdrawal symptoms setting in. eeeekkkk!
If I can’t find help at a computer shop will have to just go with the
flow and live the way it used to be before all this electronic stuff was created.
Melbourne is a breezy place, feels like September in the Northern Hemisphere. 
It’s very vibrant….stylish, current and friendly to this wayfarer.
Centre Place laneway
Serendipity was bestowed yesterday.
Having time to get familiar with the surrounds
I stumbled on a bustling food market.

As I wandered the aisles buying some groceries,
there was the one and only person and dear bud
in all of Australia I know standing back to me perusing.

An unrehearsed meeting. As it should be.
The human element is working just fine and the adventure I really came for has begun.
scissors shmissors
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