Steve and Liza have moved onto the farm this month…another Antioch connection and wow are we happy to have them with us! They are hard working, cheerful, independent and hearty! Since moving here August 1st they have instinctively accepted the assistant shepherds role, taken on some extra farm chores and made their cabin the envy of Jack and me! We have a fondness for that cabin as we lived there our first six months here, but they have made us think about moving back in, it’s so charming! Steve is a forester, Liza is accepted for the masters program at Antioch New England for Environmental Studies which she begins in September. We have regularly rented to Antioch students, offering reduced rent in exchange for farm chores. Their graduate studies don’t last longer than 2 years and then they move on to jobs in their chosen fields. It’s always interesting for us and we have met some wonderful people across the past 6 years.
Liza and Steve took on the catered lunches for our annual Earthues workshop here at the farm this month, just 2 weeks after they moved in, and set all sorts of culinary records! (Shown here with one of the lunches they prepared). They are a breath of fresh air and we are delighted to have them a part of the farm and our lives.
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