Jackie O

And now we wish Jackie happy birthday!

We bought her in 2002 with our original starter flock and she was 4 months old. She had traveled all the way from the west coast and by the time she reached us she was so skittish. As with all the newcomer sheep we keep them in a safe environment where we can watch them and visit with them and get them used to us, our voice and handling.

Jackie was so timid it was impossible to get near her unless we confined her. She has a crooked lower jaw and so her teeth are offset. Not sure if it was an injury early on or she was born that way. But now it is endearing characteristic for sure. Below is a photo early after her arrival. Perfect conformation.

She came to be known as ‘Jackie O’ for Jackie Onassis, both beautiful and mysterious. It took 6 months for me to be able to touch her at all. And the day she decided I was alright it was over in an instant. Jackie walked up to me, I got down at eye level with her and she folded into my arms. It was such a special moment. And now we are buds for life.

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