January 25th

Did you know that January 25th is coined the “most depressing day of the year”? We are getting a massive rainstorm coupled with frozen ground so the water has no way to soak into the ground coupled with a snowmelt to beat the band. This is depressing!

Our cozy farmhouse is approaching flood stage!

Because we go through this every time we get a storm under these conditions, we knew this was coming and took precautions by setting up a brand new sump pump along with an older one. The new one is getting packed up in it’s pretty box and shipped back to the store. It is USELESS! Betsy is enroute from her farm in Putney with another pump and we have Lyle on call with a gas-powered pump if this doesn’t solve the problem.

The one thing that’s for sure is we aren’t alone today. This is the same storm that came from CA where it left such a wake of destruction and traveled all the way across the country in similar fashion. I am happy to report that the sheep are high, dry and comfy.
Betsy’s here….time for a glass of wine!

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