Knitted swatches from the painted skeins

Here are the knitted swatches for the skeins I painted in Seattle. I thought it would be helpful to see that even though the skein may look okay before knitting, it may not be what you want when you knit your project.

Pictured below are skeins 1 & 2; #2 is a duplicate of 1 with an indigo overdye.

Below are skeins 3 and 4: I omitted a “hit” color on these so #3 is rather drab, #4 is a duplicate of #3 with an indigo overdye and seems a bit more interesting. Skeins#1-4 are all painted with the same pallete and are a cotton/rayon blend.

Skein 5 below is a silk skein. I used the same pallete again but painted the strands more individually and also pulled a number of strands first and dyed with indigo, then painted oved those strands to create the purple, a “hit” color to be sure, but too splotchy.

Skein 6 below is wool, the colors are punchy individually but when blended there is too much contrast. I am not fond of this skein at all!

Last, Skein 7 below is also wool and here I changed my pallete and my technique. I only used 4 dyes and they were very complimentary. The resulting knitted swatch shows an evenness throughout. This type of painting would be great for a sweater where an overall variegation was desired.

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