last look

time to head for home.
gravity won’t hold me here.
the ride was an education.
I put my boots up and down across
a tiny part of a very large continent.
a few memories..
 the Overland train across South Australia
and views of The Grampians
as the miles rolled by.
making wine …thank you!
a tree that once housed a man, his wife and
where they bore and raised 16 children.
faith and fortitude in the 1850s in a very
rural australia.
one sheep shearer watching another compete.
I had the pleasure of meeting a few.
It was a great day.
a kangaroo along the road
a cat I fell in love with
an amazing evening
at Paris Cat Jazz Club with guest Mirko Guerrini from Florence
on tenor sax. each and every musician was exceptional.
a rock stack I left in a hot but beautiful
the most amazing head of hair
back country
a happy swim at the Melbourne Zoo
parting shot….
one laid back kangaroo.
thanks for the ride Australia!
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