Learning to Spin!

Saturday’s Spinning Basics workshop with Patty Blomgren was grand! We all awoke to a very snowy scene in New Hampshire but it made a lovely backdrop for a warm and woolly day to learn to spin!

While students simply treadled at their wheels to get the feel for the motion, Patty gave an overview of spinning history, fibers and their qualities and the mechanics of the wheel. Then she made the rounds as students began making their first skeins.

Learning to use a niddy noddy to wind off their skein…

and after a plying demonstration, everyone spun two more bobbins to then be plyed. Check out Patty’s socks with spinning wheels on them!

And lo and behold…plyed yarns!

With the exception of two students, the rest had never set foot to a spinning wheel and within the day everyone had spun and plyed yarns to take home.

For me, the class got me back on track and gave me many tips that I had lost or never learned. For a list of all Long Ridge Farm’s workshops visit events. Maybe one will be right for you!

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