love me two times

We enjoyed last evening here on the farm with a couple of friends, homemade venison pizza, beer, wine and good music. As we walked out to say our goodbyes two beautiful Golden Retrievers were looking at us in the yard…disconcerted at midnight. They were wet and needy. I set them up in the barn across from the house with blankets, and a midnight snack. They were so well behaved and thankful. We retired. This morning at 5am I walked our old lab, Sidney, up back on a leash so he wouldn’t have to encounter two yearling un-cut pups at the crack of dawn in his most aged state. I put Sid back in, slept an hour and then got these beautiful boys down the lane and into the fields (after a handsome breakfast, thank you!) for a run.

That boy in the back is a gem. They are brothers, 17 months old, live not too far away (I learned all this after some help from our friend who did some sleuthing). I got the owner’s number and by 9AM the pups were picked up and headed off Long Ridge Farm. It’s nice to live in a small community where with a little help from our friends and an extra barn for the overnight we were able to reunite…

Tonight the flock got some dessert and a bit of love…

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