Meet and Greet

The time has come for Della and Lucy to join the rest of the flock. They have become quite comfortable with the comings and goings and although they are most used to me, they are not as skittish around other people and the dogs as they were upon their arrival.

Everyone got fed some hay and then we brought the main flock down from pasture where we could join everyone at the winter pasture.

There was lots of baaaing and a flurry of ‘who are you?’. But then the main flock went to the left and Della and Lucy went to the right and eventually back to their barn.

That wasn’t going to do, so we rounded them all up with a bit of grain, they all folded together and we led them up the road to a new pasture where they would begin the new routine together. Within 4 hours they were grazing and resting as a flock together, most of the ‘who are you?’ had completely dissipated. I will follow it up later today with a photo of everyone, a day later.

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