Memphis and I

Memphis and I have been under the weather the past few days but seem to have rallied thanks to rest and good medicine. The day after shearing Memphis didn’t seem quite right and neither did I. What I thought was just a case of barn dust in my lungs was turning into a whopper of a chest cold. Memphis, on the other hand, would not lie down for most of 36 hours after shearing and that was enough to tip me off. Here she is Wednesday morning, to the right. Not her usual bright self.

The barn cam gives me the option to watch the lambing ewes 24/7. Tuesday I served our town as supervisor of the checklist for voting day and that night I lay in bed, quite miserable, but also watching Memphis feeling the same. Nothing glaring but I could tell she wasn’t up to snuff. She was eating and chewing cud so I knew she’d make the night. But in the early morning I called the doc and asked for him to come by. We needed to give vaccinations plus an ultrasound on one ewe in question. I dosed Memphis early Wednesday with some glycol to boost her energy and we waited for the doc to come at 3. I sat in the barn on the floor with the girls and just nodded off, (wishing for my bed) thinking at least we’d all be together in our misery! I think the ewes appreciated my support. At the very least they pretended quite nicely.

By the time the doc arrived Memphis was already brighter and so with a plan of action for her future days in late gestation, we proceeded to vaccinations and the ultrasound. Sadly Charlotte didn’t take during breeding. I didn’t breed many this year anyway so this was a big disappointment. I still won’t rule out it is Charlotte’s fault, possible just off cycle. I will try her again next year.

Funny how much space there was between the sheep and the doc! They can reduce down to a small ball of fleece when the vet arrives. As if he won’t see them! After he left I treated everyone to some alfalfa cubes and doesn’t Memphis look happy.

After serving duties as supervisor of the checklist Wednesday night at town meeting, I spent the following two days under the covers while dear Jack and Katie managed the farm. I awoke today to thoughts of survival and just came back from a visit to the barns and everyone is looking perky, cozy and happy. We are in for some driving wind and rain from the east tonight and tomorrow so the barns are closed up and fielding the blow for the flock.

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