Merging Continuums

Saturday I took a road trip with Faith and Veronica along the Connecticut River and the White River into the Green Mountains of Vermont to Rochester, a small town which the townspeople describe as “right in the center of things”. The countryside was lovely as we wound our way along the mountain roads viewing farmlands and hamlets.

The destination was to see Merging Continuums, Joan Morris’s solo show at the BigTown Gallery.

A brief description offered by the BigTown Gallery:
BigTown Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Joan Morris’s most recent exploration in shaped resist dyeing* on textiles and precious metal mono-printing. Morris’s two-year study combining museum textiles with found and natural objects has formed a new vocabulary for visual expression in the realm of dyeing and printing. In her new work, the shadow translation of an opaque gold imprint on the wall uses light to elaborate the description of image, surface, and structure simultaneously. This work opens a fresh perspective on the distinct cultural and natural iconographies that inform the evolution of textile.

One of the striking dimensions of her work was the shadows created behind the artwork.

You can view the details about the show and Joan here. The show is open until the 21st of November. And across the street is a yummy place to eat! Take the trip, if you can!

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