Mr. Pasquarelli

I haven’t a picture for this post but hopefully I can evoke an image in your mind.
We ran an ad in the local newspaper for some of the items that didn’t sell at the yardsale. We got a call from a man a few days later about 5PM. I answered the phone and he chimed right up “What’s that lawnmower you have?” So after a bit of explanation and some directions he said he’d be up around 7PM. He arrived and Jack showed him the lawnmower, he started it, pushed it about on the lawn but decided against it as wasn’t self-propelled. But he asked what else we had for sale so Jack walked with Mr. Pasquarelli down to the machinery shed. They were gone quite a long time. They reemerged about 45 minutes later and he had bought the ATV yard trailer and the yard-size limer to pull behind a mower. The three of us chatted for a bit and we learned he was one of the Pasquarelli brothers, both barbers for many years. Mr. Pasquarelli is 90 but he didn’t look a day over 75! He still works in his yard and garden everyday after an hour of weight lifting each morning. He has a female companion since his wife passed away, she is in her 50’s. He says he not to sure he needs to remarry at this point! God bless him, he was a breath of fresh air and a light shining on the golden years!

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