My dwindling family

Sorry no pictures for this post. And I usually don’t write about sad things if I can help it. But lately, like the past 4 years my family has been dying to beat the band. And I know most were elderly when they passed on but this is a bit much.

I watched my Mom die a very slow death (a massive stroke) beginning in the summer of 2004 and she died in January 2005. It was the most difficult experience I have ever endured. I was grateful for the time we had those last few months. Then my brother died in October 2006, completely unexpectedly, then two aunts, two uncles, our little dog Haley, my little Sheltie and our dear cat, Ursus. Last week a cousin died, yet another funeral.

And this morning my step sister called to say we need to get to Maine as soon as possible as my step mom is failing rapidly. She has been diagnosed with lung cancer and was managing but now has taken a turn for the worse. So I am making arrangements to get away from work and the farm for a couple of days so we can go say goodbye to her.

As I look at this whole death and dyeing experience, and I seem to be getting a dose of experience, I suspect it is better to be the one passing on than the one to be left behind. The finality of death, while we are still on earth, is powerful and devastating.

Just wanted to share this in case I am not posting lots of news in the next week. I will be fine and I will be back, God willing.

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