My fiber get away

So right smack in the middle of farm improvements and my regular 9-5 job I spontaneously decided to take a workshop with Lynne Vogel of The Twisted Sisters Sock Book. The course was offered through Harrisville Designs and was a 5 day workshop. It was lots of fun. We spun dyed roving initially, picking specific colorways for blending and then knitted our plyed fibers for entrelac and mozaic patterning. I was delighted to master Andean plying as I am a big fan of the drop spindle. (I am the proud owner of 2 drop spindles crafted by Tom Golding , my most recent purchase one of their vintage bangle spindles with a 1.75 weight…just divine!) To be able to drop spin fiber and ply it with no extra tools and equipment is the best…my kind of style. Back to the workshop, we then ventured into dyeing roving (chemical dyes which are against my visual and environmental fiber but so be it!) so that we could create colorways that would spin up yarn specific to our knitted choice. Lynne Vogel offered lots of entrelac patterns and coupled that with mozaic and also straight knitted techniques. Texture, pattern, color, fun…it was mostly fun and colorful! There were 16 of us in the workshop, from all over New England and beyond. Good week, good friends and good fun. My pictures are a bit limiting here but give you an idea of the week.