My results

Here are the skeins I painted in Seattle amongst all the other work we were doing! Handpainting was new to me as an artform and the concept crept in slowly, but surely! Of course there are many ways to paint a skein and tastes vary greatly. The 1st skein I painted to the last run left to right. The 2nd and 4th skeins are overdyed with indigo, their partners are the 1st and 3rd. The 6th skein is what not to do for good color blending, at least in my mind! The 5th and 7th flow nicely. Skeins 1-4 are cotton/rayon, 5 is silk, 6 and 7 are wool. As important as understanding color and blending is the actual technique for the painting as well as the project that the yarn will be knitted for.