My tiny Shelley painting

A few months ago I was happy to join in on Elisa’s challenge to help Animal Rescue of Fresno and she had a fun giveaway for those donating to the cause. And lo and behold I won the grand prize, a tiny painting by nrLois. I had the choice of a random painting or one done from a picture of one of my own pets. I chose Shelley, the Sheltie, who we lost last November. And here is the last photograph I have of Shelley in October and next to it the Tiny Painting nrLois painted from the picture.
I love it! She captured Shelley in a free form style and I will cherish this forever.

Shelley, my most loved canine companion, I miss here still every day. And she has instilled in me that I will have to have another Sheltie, sooner than later.

Thank you Elisa and nrLois!

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