Nanette’s last stop

I am in the Bordeaux region. It is absoulutely stunning country. It is the region I feel most at home in since arriving. Having said that, there have been welcoming villages, inns and people all along the trip. But Bordeaux is to behold! Mile after mile of farmland where it is planting time for many crops. Beautiful stone homes and chateaus dot the hillsides. The population is sparse to the amount of land with small villages that accomodate the residents rather than travelers. It is peaceful and agricultural.

The past two days we have all been learning about Woad (Isatis Tinctoria), the European blue. Woad is a plant, native to Europe and belongs to the family of cabbage, broccolli and rape seed.

It has been my first time dyeing with woad and I must say the blue shades we obtained are spectacular.

We are being wined and dined by Kate Hill at her lovely farm on a river.

There are chickens pecking about with a big handsome rooster.Baby chicks are hatching as well as ducks. Recently Kate aquuired two ewes, about 6 months old now.

For the final fling….who am I learning how to dye Woad with? And what breed of sheep does Kate Hill own?

Previous winners welcome….and thank you for traveling along with me! Back to the states tomorrow. Au revoir!

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