The Eastern seaboard and inland areas are getting hammered with a good old fashioned nor’easter. The conditions were ripe for the massive storm coming from Texas and then catching a system off the Atlantic and cruising up the coastline. NYC almost broke it’s own record yesterday for rainfall totals, just shy of 8″!

We fared pretty well here on the farm, about 4″ of heavy snow followed by torrential rain yesterday, and today lots of rain and high winds, which have died back quite a bit now. This is the view this morning from the house, just dreary and wet. I woke up at 5:30 like usual to hear the roar of the wind, looked out at all the massive maple trees surrounding our house and prayed “not today, dear Lord, not an uprooted tree”. Then I thought maybe we should take a couple more of them down just behind the house, $1000 plus per tree, too expensive….by then I was awake! And then the power went out and Sidney, who hates power outages and gets completely nerve-wracked, was on the bed before I could say Jack Sprat! But the power came back almost immediately, Sidney did not leave the bed. He never, ever does that unless it’s an extreme emergency (in his mind)! What’s a spoil once in awhile. The sheep are all keeping to the barn, high and dry.
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