On Farming…

“You must want this more than anything and love it totally. It is a 24/7 commitment and is way too difficult and too heart-breaking to do if you don’t want it and love it completely.” “What It Takes To Be a Shepherd” Liz Volker

As I was doing the chores tonight after work I thought about this quote of Liz Volker’s. I thought back across the last 60 + days, the loss of our ewe, the countless hours in the barn at inconvenient hours during lambing, the added countless hours in the barn milking out Memphis’ injured udder and bottle feeding the lamb and all the meds we had to give. But now, all are well and the lambs are growing, the grass is growing and the hard part is just a memory. I can even imagine next lambing season with a growing excitement! But Liz Volker hit it on the head with this quote, and in thinking about raising livestock, we do love it with a 24/7 commitment.

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