Once a year

I am 56 years old today. I don’t tend to talk about my birthday but my dear friends and family remind me each and every year just the same! I could write a book about my years so far, but who has time, so much to do still, so much to learn, so much to live! Here I was with my two older brothers, I was happy!

Here I am after high school graduation. I could write a number of chapters between age 3 and age 18. It wasn’t all good or easy. That is what builds a good life though. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At this point in time I was on the way to adult life with solid footing under me, thanks to the love of my family and friends. I chose this little gravestone when we took the photos….little did I know I would ever have my own flock one day!

I am a happy, thankful woman today. With a beautiful family, a flockful of loving sheep, regular work and the love of friends and family. That’s what it is all about, that love. This me and Jack with our dear Faith and the love of her life.

And here I am not too long ago, photography by Marti Stone My life is still opening, evolving and challenging. One of my favorite quotes that came from the book Fortitude by Hugh Walpole is “It’s not life that really matters, it’s the courage you bring to it.”

And today, among other special gifts I received this pastel of me and Ashley, done by our dear friend and shepherdess, Katie. You can see the photo in the prior post. She is so talented, so special. What a special gift she gave me today!

Thanks for stopping by…I’ll raise a glass to you tonight!

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