Onesies by Jessica

I have been working with Jessica, pictured here with her two children, Junie and Jonah, who is developing a line of “onesies” for infants and toddlers. Jessica creates different designs on the fabric and then dyes them over, under and all around. She has been using chemical dyes but wanted to move toward natural dyes as the fabric is a “green” cotton and the dyes would be along the same line, offering a truly natural product to the marketplace.

Jessica purchased a few different Earthues dye extracts and did some experimenting which I have shown above. She has some bugs to work through but I think she is on to a great product for children! Next up is weld, cochineal and indigo.

If you would like to contact her directly about her “onesies” feel free to email Jessica at and if you are in the Keene area she will be showing her products at the Best Western Annual Craft Show, Keene, NH, November 17th.
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