Our Ursus

The unthinkable and unexpected and most painful thing has just occured. I have to write, it won’t help.

Our dear and loyal cat, Ursus, has been killed just moments ago. I can’t breath. He was run over in the night, the dark, this snowy night. He is gone. We are in shock.

I thought we had at least 10 more years. I can’t even explain the intensity of this cat and our relationship with him.

We are a mess. He was a stray cat who came to us, we tamed him and he knew how to survive here, he lived here before we arrived. We have had him 12 years and now on his own land he died, in an untimely and very unkind way.

We are sick, time will heal this but never, ever, will we have another friend such as Ursus. He was one of a kind. God rest your blessed soul, dear Ursus.
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