Out and About

First and foremost, thank you all for the summer reading suggestions while I continue to spend more time off my feet than on them! I have to say, I had not read one book from your suggestions so the list is fabulous!

I have been abysmal at keeping up with things this week. I have found myself just hobbling from bed to chair to kitchen counter, between ice packs and naps. The heat has been oppressive for the most part and so I am trying to stay low and cool to keep the swelling down. Yesterday I couldn’t stand another minute prone and got out and about to say hello to the farm. I wound my way down to the big barn to see the lambs and moms. Wow, how they have grown! Kalie made sure to accompany me and stay spotter for chipmunks on the stone walls.

It is a foregone conclusion that Della, our mama Romeldale, is fondly known as Aunt Della by all the lambs. Since they were all born it’s Della they hang with. She is mellow and forgiving. They climb on her and snuggle with her and she has never tossed her head or given them the boot. The lambs love her. Here she is with Lilly, Griffin and Maggie (on the backside) taking some shade and a rest while the others graze.

Our new baby chicks are almost full grown and out and about now. This flock is NH Reds and so far are quite different from the last flock of Buff Sex Links for which our dear Bianca stems from. This flock stays in and amongst the bushes and shade….but everyday are venturing further about the barnyard.

As soon as I came down to say hello, they popped out of the bushes and made a brief appearance before they headed up around the studio to forage for bugs.

As I found my way back up to the house Webster and Bianca were having a visit by the cottage. Our Bianca is the best darn hen ever. She is living with the lambs and mamas now in the big barn, she finds her way into the barn each night where she roosts, lays her egg each morning before heading out for the day. She is not mad for the new flock of hens yet but hopefully by winter we will be able to soften her up. For now though Bianca is everyone’s friend and a bright spot around the yard, dependable, personable and so friendly.

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