Podcast and Contest

Just a couple of items to report…
I was interviewed by Caroline of The FiberCast podcast about my involvement with Earthues natural dyes and the dyeing process and she has aired the interview which you can listen to at www.fiberarts.typepad.com/fibercast Click on RSS Feed in the upper right corner and then click play interview. That was a new experience for me but it went off without a hitch! Caroline has an incredible amount of talent, energy and enthusiasm for all aspects of fiber arts and also farming. Check her links in my sidebar.

The second item I would like to share is the Jamaica Handspun Skein contest which happens in May and the winner is announced at the Jamaica Fiber Festival May 19th. You can visit www.jamaicafiberfestival.org for all the particulars and to see the great new website Margaret has created. This is a great spring fiber event for your calendar!

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