Postscript to the ride

We had some fun…took a ride south and the trails weren’t groomed and there were quite a few water bars which we rode through okay. But we got to a trail junction which had no signage so Jack decided to go left. For reasons of 30 years of being together and thinking out the area, I decided not to follow him right off. Sure enough Jack decided within 200′ that he needed to come back so he backed his snowmobile up and all was well til he hit a water bar, and in trying to work through it got somewhat stuck. We managed to get him out and turned around but no matter what we did he couldn’t get the skis to turn or respond with the track at all. Maddeneing! Until he figured out that the skis had hit the water area, then sat in the snowy area and caked and froze so they had no traction to help propel the machine. I didn’t take pictures of us tipping the machine on it’s side, scraping the skis off with a screwdriver and then we were good to go. We rode down through some beautiful country to Pisgah State Park, then came back up to the farm.

Today marks our 14th anniversary of snowmobiling. It was New Years Day, 1/1/1994, when we took our first ride in Pittsburg, NH. We poo-pooed the whole thing until we got aboard and went for a spin and have been hooked ever since. A hundred adventures we have had these past 14 years and hope to have 100 more!

The middle picture is a farm vista we passed by, the last picture was the trail home tonight…it is a winter wonderland!
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