Progress and hope

I took some time in the studio today to work on my handpainted yarn line. I am developing a number of colorways and seem to have this blend set now. I varied the mordants while using the same natural dyes on each skein to achieve two complimentary colorways.I knit up a sample swatch and decided it will be the handpainted I will use to knit myself a pair of socks and do them on one needle. I learned how to knit a pair on one circular needle a few years ago,the magic loop concept. Recently I found a pattern where the heel is added after the sock is knitted and I thought I’d throw the two concepts together this time around.

Shelley joined me in the studio, napping on the sheepskin and comfy as can be. She is doing a bit better. Tomorrow we do one more round of bloodwork regarding the liver issue. But she has been eating more often and not showing visable signs of distress. Last night Jack fed her venison (her abslooute favorite food) and she didn’t let us down. It’s still a prize winner in her book.

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