Rainy day, nothing to do

We are in the midst of a nice spring rainy spell, so needed this year (thought I’d never say that after the past few years!). The lambs are not too rambuctious in this weather, they instinctively just wait it out. Trinity, absent from this picture, prefers to rest in the creep. She is still on bottle feeds but really quite normal in all respects!Yesterday was Jack’s and my 25th wedding anniversary and although the day was basically routine in fashion, we did spend some time after chores in the lamb creep with the lambs. They LOVE to have us on the floor at their level so they can chew on our collar, hat brim, pull at our hair, you name it. But they also love to just stand and shmooze. It’s great socailization for them, they will enjoy the human hand with enough early handling. Each of these lambs is a winner. Both in conformation and personality. I have chosen to keep a couple, and regretably will have to sell a couple also. I know the limit of adult sheep I choose to keep on the farm, both from what the pastures can handle here as well as labor during the winter months. But for right now, we are loading them up with love and affection and good grub! There is nothing more entertaining than a troop of lambs playing tag with each other on pasture!