It’s been a week now that I been travelling Rwanda. I’ve met those in utter poverty and chronic sickness, the middle class and the wealthy. Most of the time has been with the poor and it is hard to express the juxtaposition of their complete faith in God’s salvation and the endless knowledge of no way out.

These beautiful ladies greet me each day with a hug, lots of smiles and love. They say “yes’ashimwe” to me and I reply “ahimbazwe”. “praise Jesus”, “let him be praised”. They believe in their heart of hearts this is the best way to give and have hope. And their lives are in a cycle of constant battle on every front. They are sick in the belly from bad water, some have HIV, most are always in a state of feeling ill. Charcoal pills take away the belly aches for awhile. The poor are fighting for their lives.

I am an Anglican and so their undying faith is not foreign to me. I feel His strength in my own life and that goodness will always come from difficulty and sorrow.

As I scrubbed my clothes tonight in a tub and felt the ache in my back, it was tenfold for their ache. My stomach aches because theirs do. My heart is full because theirs is for our being together.

This is Diana, she is sick today. Her throat is swollen and she has a headache.
She’s on antibiotics and will improve.

Thanks for listening….be thankful.

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