Red Hens and Redheads

The weather has been lovely the past few days and afforded us the chance to wrap up hay for the winter months along with flock maintenance. It is always easier to get such duties done when there isn’t a biting Northwest wind and no sunshine to ease the chill. Follow the sun, I say!
Hay’s in, elevator put down, barn secure. Great feeling!

The hay loft is wiggle room only. I love a hay loft when the bales are more than head high. As a child I spent hour after hour playing in the hay loft on our farm, the memory is always fresh.

The hens are all grown up now and Bianca, our sole hen from last winter has taught them her tricks. They come to the shed door off the kitchen and wait for a treat. And so it’s Cheerios!

When it was warmer the hens would lay eggs wherever they pleased, this was not only a clever but cozy choice.

Now that cool weather is here they are all laying in the coop each day. Good girls!

We spent the better part of a day getting all the sheep tended to for winter. We trimmed hooves, changed coats and de-wormed everyone.
Coats are ready…

Maggie and Lily ready…

As the coats came off the fleeces appeared…this is Georgia, I just love the spots!

Jack trims the hooves, while I hold the sheep. We do it while they stand up rather than setting them on their rumps. They have gotten quite used to the process, most are quite compliant. This is Jackie…behaving.

Here’s Daphne…waiting for me to get a coat. Her fleece is lovely. I sunk my fingers into it and oh my!

Peach has been lame the last week or so on her right rear leg. I had watched her and treated her with some anti-inflammatory meds but after 10 days I thought a look from the vet was in order. The lambs all needed their rabies shots so Peach popped into the barn and the doc checked her over. As I expected there is no explaination other than she probably did something dumb like jump off a rock and strained it somehow. She is now on a longer dose of meds and time will heal it. Peach is a big ewe and is headstrong to boot. She manages to get to the hay and water and treats just fine!

Jack did some touch-up barn staining while the sheep were out grazing one day. Apparently it didn’t dry as quickly as we hoped! For the minimal areas he stained at the winter barn, Mila managed to find one!

Now the North winds can blow…and they will soon enough.

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