seeing red

The last workshop of the summer with Michele Wipplinger of Earthues,
focused on natural red dyes: cochineal, madder, lac and quebracho red.
Michele brought textiles from around the globe to draw inspiration from.
She always sets a beautiful stage.
even the farm barns got to brag this year.
With a bit of careful suggestion and guidance

students began to express red on cloth.

Some with brush, some with screens and stencils.
Natural red dye pigments and washes
were applied.
Amidst the creativity
it was Old Home Day in Westmoreland
with a grand country parade!
One study in reds started
and finished.
Some pieces went into indigo.
Below the final result from the beginnings above.
Thank you Roxanne Ecklund for sharing photos
of your work…
The morning after class finished
the feel of autumn swept in.
I see a tinge of red in the mist.


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