Shelley’s trial

My beautiful Sheltie, Shelley, has been so sick these past two weeks. She started with just throwing up a few times, but I took her right to the vet and after a barrage of tests they found she has congestive heart failure and also elevated liver numbers. She wouldn’t eat (who would!) and has been so listless (makes sense). This was her before I knew what was going on.

She is 10 years old and now taking pills to shrink her enlarged heart, pills to increase her appetite, pills to regulate (I pray) the elevated liver numbers and recently she finished the anti-nausea pills! She is a terrible pill taker. She holds them until I walk away and then she spits them out! This is what her days consisted of the first week, sleep, sleep, sleep.

It is touch and go but just last night she wolfed her after dinner bones (wouldn’t eat dinner) and then a small piece of boiled chicken breast, and a Puperoni. She was on a roll. Here she is enjoying that Puperoni!

Shelley is my loyal and loving companion. I adore this dog. Who knows the outcome at this point, I just hope her days are still ahead of her for awhile to come. She loves her life here on the farm.

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