Snowbound and excited

Today we are snowbound and I am loving it! We have about 10″ on the ground at 2PM and the wind has started to pick up. It’s still blowing out of the east and I am waiting for that to turn to the west. I kept the sheep in today as their way out faces east and it was way to snowy in the barn this morning. So they are hunkered down with plenty of room under cover, hay and some classical music on the radio. Actually it was Christmas carols when I departed this morning. Maybe they were having a sing-a-long, who knows. Looking into the barn from the west end…looking cozy.

I got a wonderful surprise for my combo birthday/Christmas gift from Jack…a lamcam! Shout out to Manise! I have wanted one for years but they are pricey. Well, Jack thought it up all on his own, no pretty pleases from me! There it is, up in the right corner, hooked up and ready to go. It is an audio/video camera with ultra-violet light for the nightime hours. It transmits to our bedroom television. So during the night hours in lambing season I can now turn it on anytime during the night to check on the ewes without disturbing them or us, unless it is actually “time”. Wahoo!!!

And lastly, we have been working on finding a new Sheltie to join us here at the farm. We lost Shelley last November and it is now totally time to have a new pup on the farm. So here she is! We don’t have her yet, she just went to foster care 2 days ago, but the foster mom says she is a love, no issues and is ready to come to us! Double wahoo! She is 2 years old, a sable with a bit of blue merle on her face and one blue eye! That blue eye that Shelley had also will melt your heart. I am soooo excited..she should be here for Christmas. I will post more when she arrives!

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