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The comment posted below under “Hard Drive…Shame On You” has spurred me to share a post which I wrote weeks ago but never put forth to you. Blogging is a personal thing and it’s fun. I enjoy sharing daily news and other stuff with you. Us bloggers know this! In fact I want to start a once in a while giveaway for fiber related things I no longer need or can use; no not my drum carder(silly you), no not my needle collection, no not my sheep (way silly you)! But maybe a funky spindle or some yarn, you know, fun stuff! Maybe even some grape jam! But what the heck! How can I play if you don’t step up to the plate?! It takes two to tango! I haven’t figured out the giveaway just yet but when I do you’ll be the ones to know it. It will be simple and easy and everyone will know who gets the givaway. So anyway here’s what I wrote weeks ago….

Hey all you quiet watchers and friends….I know you are out there! You read my blog, you tell me so via emails and such, but very few of you comment. Did you know you can? Did you know a blogger loves to know you are out there? All you have to do (and mind you, I am not demanding it, but perhaps you don’t know this) is click on the word “comments” at the bottom of any post and follow the prompts…fire away and I’d love to hear from you. It’s safe and a fun way to stay in touch. I know you are out there! (<:

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