That felted entrelac bag!

It’s done!!!! almost anyway. Once upon a time a couple of years ago, it feels like now, I knit this wonderful entrelac bag. But when I felted it, one of the yarns I used disintegrated in the process and I was left with a very holy, not religious, bag. So, I started over, almost immediately, but somehow the love affair was gone and I have struggled for more than a year to finish the bag. Below is the bag before the felting.

We went on vacation last week and had a 7 hour drive one way so I put my nose into the project and had it finished by the time we returned home. It promptly went in the washer and felted beautifully!

It is still drying and then I will sew the straps on and put it to use. Hooray! It really is a great project if you haven’t tried it. It will hold another knitting project, use it as a shopping bag at the next fiber event or take it to the casino to collect winnings!
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