The Ballard bus

My city life reality while here is to use the metro bus system to get around. Seattle’s system is pretty good and you can get anywhere for $2.00 during peak hours and $1.75 during off peak. So here I was yesterday AM….late for the bus at it arrives way down to the end of my street(count 10 telephone poles to the corner) and around the corner at 9:15 and it was 9:0 9. I could have run but my head said no. If I miss it, I miss it, another comes every 30 minutes.

I got to the intersection and looked left to see where it was and there it was, thwarted by a bus stop.

I looked right and had just a jog to go to the stop. Bus is coming. Move it. You can tell I am moving by the blur to the camera!

I popped to the street just in time. 9:15.

On the bus and off we go. This woman was sitting to the driver’s right and at one point he said “hey! don’t you be falling asleep now.” She was rocking and reeling, nodding off. She talked her way down to the stop I got off on at Market and Ballard. I watched her wait get right on the next bus, wondered what would happpen to her, never to know.

My walk from the stop starts at the top of Ballard Ave and down to the studio. It’ a beautiful street and a little oasis in the big city.

I am determined to get going sooner today! and I will get many more pictures from our time in the studio ….I promise! Too much to do, too little time.
More views of Ballard…

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