The cat who came for Christmas

It was just two weeks ago today we lost our beloved Ursus. The following 24 hours were so sad and heart-wrenching. But we think Urs sent a message the morning following his death. I was convinced by some unknown force to find another Chartreux as soon as possible. Usually Jack and I go many months, sometimes years, between new pets. They are so hard to replace, the wait seems necessary.

But this day, December 4th, we started searching immediately. We went to the humane society and although there were a few cats we could have adopted, we left, needing to wait. We got on the Internet and connected with a breeder who happened to have a 2 -year old neutered male Chartreux that she wanted to re-home. His owner had to move which precipitated him needing a new home. After many emails back and forth we arranged to go meet the cat and adopt him if all looked good with our meeting. Friday, the 14th, we met our new cat and despite a couple of initial concerns we put him in his cat transporter in our truck and brought him home. It was a long drive but he rode like a champ, so much so I’d drive with him anywhere and usually riding with a cat in the car is NOT a fun time!

We haven’t named him yet so presently he is called all sorts of nicknames…something will come in time. But he is a handsome, healthy cat. His first day was rather nervous, getting to know the house and Sidney and Shelley, although they didn’t even bat an eye. To the dogs, Ursus (sort of) was back. By yesterday the cat was playing his own cat and mouse games, in and out of paper bags and roaring up and down the stairs…happy! He is affectionate and also independent. He doesn’t get on the counters or tables, and has chosen two sleeping spots with my seal of approval!

Nothing will replace Ursus, but there is no doubt in Jack’s or my mind that this cat came with Ursus’ help. Call us crazy, but happy we are to have been given the opportunity at this particular time.

The top picture is Ursus, the lower is our new fellow.

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