the cone zone

Luna’s in the zone and the cone says it all.

Seems she has a recurring allergy issue which we will now have to address.
She breaks out with rashes which she over licks as her leg shows.
  We will have to start a food trial to see what the culprit is.
“Sigh”, she says.
Luna loves food. Luna loves everything.
Here she is having no problem with her dinner,
secretly hidden beneath the dome.
It took about 2 hours after Luna was coned
and she acted almost normal.
For those of you who have
had to be the meanie, you know how hard this cone thing is.
But our dear Luna, just doesn’t let it get her down. 
The morning walk found her just as chipper and ready as always.
Cone? What cone?

Cold, mountain water, ahhh.

Looking forward to a resolution to her allergy.
Luna has earned her freedom.

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