The good, the bad and the ugly

The “good” are Bea, Jackie and their 4 lambs., they are completely settled to life as lambs and mother ewes, nursing, feeding, sunning, running, a sight to behold. The “bad” has been Memphis who injured her udder on lambing day and we have been milking the blood out as it heals for the past 11 days, twice a day. It has almost cleared up, so this morning I let her and her ewe lamb out to join the flock. The lamb came out skipping and running….other lambs to play with, yahoo! But Memphis couldn’t relax and let her play without chasing her to the point I worried she’d reinjure the udder so I put her back in the barn for the day, we’ll try again tonight. Memphis is protective which is good, but perhaps a bit less would be nice. The other issue is Ashley’s little lamb, the black lamb in the picture, who is still quite small. She’ll be two weeks old tomorrow and she weighs almost 15# but we still are bottle feeding her with Ashley giving her a few ounces here and there. So she isn’t as thrifty as the other lambs yet. Memphis spotted that weakness this morning and was not kindly to the little lamb, the “ugly”. So we need to do some reconfiguring for co-joining these guys. Time will cure it.