The merry , merry month of May!

Today Jack and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary. It’s always kind of a low key affair for us, seems best to just be home and recognizing our blessings.When I first arrived home from work and went down to the barn there were three deer grazing in the near field pictured above. It was so quiet all about and they were spanned out across the field, quite content. After Jack arrived home from work and we tended to the daily chores, we took our ATV’s, a bottle of good wine, fresh shrimp cocktail and warm garlic bread up on the long ridge where we sat and enjoyed the moment of this one special day. The sun was going down, the wind was a bit high, there was a chill to the air and we sat and reflected for that one brief hour; blessings, losses, hopes and dreams. It’s been a great quarter plus century for us…we wouldn’t have it any other way. As we returned down off the ridge the deer were back in the field once again grazing as we headed for the barn. Nice.