The power of nuno

We are still without power…going on day 4 now. Thankfully and I mean THANKFULLY we have two generators and they have been running 24/7. The sheep have powered water buckets, the chickens a water heater, my studio is able to be heated and keep the water line from freezing, the house and cabin are warm and with water. Today I finally got brilliant and unplugged the fridge long enough to get online to do some work. It works great! I have felt disconnected without checking in with friends and Ravelry doings and blogs! This was the scene yesterday morning as I looked out the bedroom window. The sight was breathtaking despite the fact another day appeared to be without the power restored.

This is a photo a friend sent from Peterborough, NH on his road. Finally crews were able to chainsaw their way down the road to get to them and help them evacuate. It will be a week for many areas until life is somewhat normal again. For many the damage to homes is catastrophic.

I did escape yesterday afternoon to take a nuno felting workshop in Brattleboro. It was a great time, completely fun and what a great technique to learn. I love it! Mine are the two front pieces in the upper photo, turquoise and burgundy. They may become wristlets adding some buttons to hold them in place. Very cozy! A few of us took our still wet completed projects across the street to a bistro and enjoyed libations and nachos. I came home renewed and enlightened!

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