The power of Power Scour

With my mind turning to fleece, now that the sheep are sheared, I thought it would be good to show how well the Unicorn fiber products work for cleaning fiber. We offer the line of products in our online store and you also can read about the product line at

This is a picture showing Crystal’s raw fleece after shearing, a bit yellow (heavy grease, which is expected with the CVM/Romeldale) and above after I used Power Scour. WHITE! And the gray sample is Tybee’s raw fleece (bottom) and then the same after Power Scour. Grease is gone! And what is so cool is you need only warm water and a very limited amount of time in the water. I let this fleece set for 3 minutes and it was this clean. I would do one more wash if I was going to use the fiber to spin.

This is a really great product which I am delighted to show excellent visable results and with very little effort.

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